What Are The Best Bully Sticks For Dogs?


Dogs love to chew; but if you don’t provide them with something to chew on, they may decide on your shoes! One way to prevent this is to give a satisfying chew treat to give an outlet for this natural chewing behaviour.

Happily, bully sticks are great solution because not only are they a natural product with nutritional value and exercises the teeth, but the best bully sticks are additive and chemical free. In fact, our editors highly recommend Barkworthies Thick Bully Stick for this very reason - you can visit Amazon here to get a great deal on Barkworthies.

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However, you need to be aware that not all products labelled as bully sticks are made to a high standard. Just as with any product, some are better quality than others are, and so it helps to know what to look for when choosing the best bully sticks for your dog.

What Are Bully Sticks Made From?

Bully sticks are made from bull penises, which accounts for their other name of pizzle sticks – ‘pizzle ’being an old-fashioned word for penises. Whilst it might seem an odd thing to feed to your dog as a treat, it actually makes perfect sense because pizzles consist of 100% beef tendon – all natural and with nutritional value.

Unlike other chews, such as rawhide, bully sticks for dogs provide digestible nutrition in the form of beef protein, which is especially rich in taurine. The latter is an amino acid which plays an important role in the maintenance of healthy eyesight and heart muscle.

While dogs love chewing on bully sticks, your dog will also love these dog treats from world renowned "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Milan. They've received a rare perfect 5 star reviews across the board! Get a great price on Dog Whisperer Dog treats here.

Why Are Some Bully Sticks Better Than Others?

This is all a matter of the quality and origin of the raw materials. The best bully sticks are made from beef cattle fed on grass, and which are antibiotic and growth promoter free. In addition, top rate sticks do not use or need chemical or preservatives in their manufacture because of the high quality of the product.

These sticks tend to originate from the US or Brazil. Indeed, the best bully sticks for dogs are made from human grade beef tendon and passed by the USDA/FDA and National Food Inspection Authorities.

The opposite, however, are those lesser quality sticks which are produced under less rigorous conditions, and tend to originate from India or China.

Choosing the Best Bully Sticks For Your Dog​

Bully sticks come in different lengths and widths to suit different sizes of dog and their chewing tenacity! If your dog is a voracious chewer then select a thicker stick; not only will the stick last longer and provide a satisfying chew, but there is less risk of a small piece breaking off and becoming a choking hazard.

Likewise smaller dogs will enjoy getting their teeth into a shorter, thinner chew.

What To Look For In The Best Bully Sticks For Dogs​

Whilst the lower price of inferior bully sticks may seem attractive, it will prove a false economy if they make your dog ill. If the stick is inadequately sterilized its poses an infection risk to your dog, which could land you with a large vet’s bill.

So what should you look for in a bully stick?​

​100% Beef

The first thing is that the stick is made from 100% beef, preferably one that is certified by the USDA as human grade beef tendon. One such example is the Bravo Bully Stick Dog Treat which is 100% natural and a safe treat for your pet to enjoy.

Once chewed, the beef tendon is digestible and has nutritional value for your pet. Indeed, bear in mind that this means the stick contains calories and so you may need to cut down a little on your dog’s regular meal.

Grass Fed​

As the old saying goes, “You are what you eat”, and this also goes for the cattle that provide the raw ingredient for the bully stick. With a great reputation for quality, Best Bully Sticks come from grass fed bulls, originating from where the most wholesome farming practices are used in the US or Brazil.

Chemical Free​

Poor quality bully sticks may be treated with chemicals, which your dog then ingests when he chews the stick. The methods of production used for better quality sticks do not need such chemicals and are therefore better for your dog.

Check the product description before you buy. Most companies are proud of their products, for instance Barkworthies Thick Bully Stick, and are keen to tell you about additional features such as being chemical free or low odor.

Free From Antibiotics And Growth Promoters​

No one wants to give their pet drugs or hormones unnecessarily, and it is especially undesirable to risk feeding your dog growth promoters.

However, bully sticks come from beef and some cattle are forced to grow more quickly by the use of antibiotics and growth promoters.

Whilst the levels found in a food product would be very low, if your preference is to avoid them altogether than check to see if the product is produced from cattle not raised using growth promoters. Again, these are likely to be beasts raised in Brazil, or certain parts of the US.

Only Natural Free Range Bully Sticks are an example of a natural product made from cattle that are not treated with antibiotics, growth promoters, or other chemicals which are commonly associated with feed lot cattle. This particular stick is made from free range Brazilian cattle and is slow-dried for maximum chewiness, without the aid of chemical tougheners.​

Odor Free​

A stick that has an odor does not mean that it isn’t premium, but the majority of odor free bully sticks are top quality. This is because they are dried more slowly and for longer, to eliminate the residual moisture in the chew which is the reason for the smell.

Best Pet Odor Free Bully Sticks tick all the right boxes because they are a natural product, dried a way that reduces odor, 100% beef tendon, and FDA certified to boot.

Again, they have all the hallmarks of quality which is that the raw ingredients is sourced from free range Brazilian cattle – the prefect recipe for hours of healthy, additive free chewing for your furry family member.​

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